A complete Step by Step Guide to Fade Away Bunny Staking (using Metamask)

A complete Step by Step Guide to Fade Away Bunny Staking (using Metamask)
May 10, 2022

First of all, you have to go to https://app.fadeawaybunny.com/ and connect your wallet.

Next step is to click “$PILL Factory

After clicking the $PILL Factory button, you will need to scroll down to see your Bunny collections. This is how it will look like:

Scroll down, and you should click “Bunnies Available” in order to see your Bunny collections and be able to select which one are you going to stake.

Now you can choose the bunnies that you want to put into Stake and click “Approve”

After clicking approve, your Metamask wallet will ask you to pay for the gas fee (gas fees depends on the time and it changes on split seconds so better make a plan when are you going to put your bunnies at stake).

You will then be asked to pay for the approval gas fee.

Once done paying the approval gas fee, your staking would be approved and then you will need to click “Stake”.

Then Metamask will ask you to pay for the Staking gas fee.

Staking gas fee will depend on the ETH value as well as the time of staking

Once you’ve clicked Stake, just wait for a few minutes for it to be approved so you can see your Bunnies at the “Bunnies Staked” Area.

Click “Bunnies Staked” to see your Staked bunnies

The $PILL Factory will immediately start producing $PILLs once your Stake has been approved. (Screenshot taken after about an hour staking 2 bunnies).

$PILL Contract address: 0xD8cCe39Be1a3Fb15C648dBF13ba4c47b77e1d873

We’re on this for the long haul #BunnyArmy!💰🤑💸 Thanks for the continuous support

Become part of the Fade Away Bunny Club, join our discord to take the first step of your journey with us!
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