How to view your NFTs in your Metamask wallet

How to view your NFTs in your Metamask wallet
June 2, 2022

Please follow this set of instructions to make your very own Fade Away Bunny NFT visible in your wallet

First Step:

You must add the NFT to your Metamask wallet. NOTE: NFTs are not visible on the browser extension so we recommend you to use the Metamask Mobile App instead.

Second Step:

You should make sure that you’re viewing the address/account where the NFT was sent to.

Third Step:

If you still don’t see your Collectibles, you should Select Collectibles ➡️Add Collectibles

Fourth Step:

To make your NFT appear, you must enter the collectible ID and the NFT address so your NFT will be visible under the Collectibles tab on your MetaMask wallet.

Our NFT contract address:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ping our admins for help. And feel free to join our Discord:

Become part of the Fade Away Bunny Club, join our discord to take the first step of your journey with us!
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